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well, the world had tipped its hat toward spring in an official change of season. While we are being hit by a last real winter storm, the host of spring blooms include pear, peach, forsythia, hawthorne, daffocils, grape hyacinth, phlox and assorted wildflowers. We are still on the right side of the freezing line, which is good as we sspent our afternoon in garden centers. Got onions, potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce. DH got a replacement for his lime tree he lost a couple of years ago. We managed to over-winter eggplants, basil and a cherry tomato.
We had started the day by going to a BBQ competition held downtown. The news release info in it indicated that there would be BBQ to eat, mentioning a $5 entry fee, and a $5 "tasting kit". It did not mention the $10 parking fee or the fact that apparently showing up at one o'clock would not get us where we could find anything to sample. the "tasting kit" was supposed to be plates leftover from the judges table available between 2 & 4 pm.
we left and went to a retaurant to eat, hit the garden centers and came home.