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another thrilling adventure in the life of a luddite geek

i like my technology
i like my technology to work
i like my technology to work simply
a simple clean running device, system, application, remote control, camera, whatever.... should work, without hoops, secret handshakes, arcane knowledge or 500 page manuals to fool with. 
when I have something that works, I will use it the most effectively way possible.
frex, my keyboard. such a simple thing. as an accountant I use the ten key a lot. my accounting program utilzes the function keys for some things in a way that makes my day go smoothly.
a few weeks ago, we did our biennial computer trade-out. 
the only resemblance between my new keyboard and the old is the qwerty lay-out. the function keys are spaced differently. the delete button is double sized, moving the insert key into the function row to do double duty as the PrtScn key. 10 years of muscle memory down the tubes. the f4 key is supposed to be to the left of the spacing, not the right! f6 & f7 should be side by side, not seperated. (it took me two days to set it so the function keys worked properly at start-up, too). I go to hit the insert key, and never know what is going to happen.  my strubby little fingers need to do control-insert for some tasks, and I never know until its too late what key I actually reached. 
some days I would do better to use a hammer to pound on the keyboard than actually trying to type properly.  then my hands wouldn't go nearly as numb at the end of the day.

back to your regularly scheduled programming...