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I find it useful to be able to cross-post to facebook & twitter, but would find it more useful to be able to post a photo here and have it linked on both accounts from my phone.
My security/privacy settings are as follows:
I have set lj to have to select to cross-post, no auto defaults to posting of entries or comments.
I only have limited access on fb to as few people as I can get and still be useful to connect to real live people.
fb friends are relatives, classmates, & business or entertainment fan pages.
twitter is really designed for business, news and entertainment. my name on twitter is related to business, not the farm name i use on lj.
i share only what personal info would be needed for doing business or farm related functions, but you have to go a couple of layers down to find that.
it annoys me to have any site request my birth date or other personal data, and i don't particularly want to share your personal data with a the whole world, either.
if i do cross post an lj entry, I will try to remember to note that in the entry for those who don't want it connected.
if someone posts a comment to my lj that they don't want linked, i will read it and go remove it afterward so it doesn't hang out there.
where possible i need to remember to post first to twitter, and let that propagate to fb & lj. that way they aren't as cross-linked and trackable.