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Aral Vorkosigan is personages of Thousands Series of Vorkosigan of the writer Lois McMaster Bujold .

Aral was the youngest Admiral of the history of Barrayar, the best strategist of the planet and possibly of Nexus, as declares Ky Tung, one of Mercenary Dendarii .

Stature, robust is physically described to him like a man of median and not especially handsome, but that projects a dawn of being able and authority. The author compared with the actor Oliver Reed, before she passed away by excessive alcohol consumption.

Personal life
During the 13 first years of its life, the Empire was under the mandate of Emperor Yuri, to that later will call the Crazy person by its extreme paranoia on conspirators trying to snatch the throne to him. Its obsession was growing, until the day in which it decided to send assassins to kill any person who could Just inhale to the succession by sanguineous relation with Dorca Emperor, previous governor of Barrayar. Between the victims is the mother of Aral, that counts then on 11 years, and that is the greater daughter of Prince Xav, secondly son of Dorca. Aral escapes by the hairs to the death, but her mother right away dies by the sonic impact of one distinguished . Also the older brother passes away, leaving to Aral like only survivor of the attack. With little common sense, Yuri leaves with life Count Piotr, that was not in the successory line. Piotr does not pause until taking revenge his family, obtaining to overthrow to Yuri two years later, conviertiendo Ezar Vorbarra in the new emperor.
To the 20 years, Aral accepts a marriage arranged with a girl of 18 pertaining to the family Vorrutyer . While it remains long seasons abroad taking care of his work, her wife has two messes, and when she discovers it to Aral she kills, them to both in duel to clean his honor. They find when them assumes itself that both lovers killed themselves to each other, which was a stroke of luck for Aral, since the laws in Barrayar punish duels with the capital punishment. Her wife commits suicide at the top going off with plasma Arc, a quite strange method that causes that Aral is asked if is possible that to his it killed it father, since he was who arranged the connection with which he would be to him unfaithful. Nevertheless never it gets to ask itself, by fear to an affirmative answer.

After the death of his first woman, Aral describes itself like a drunkard who takes a life neglected. She has one ventures homosexual with Ges Vorrutyer, future opposing his, and possibly brother of his first wife. When the 44 years knows betana Cordelia Naismith and it requests marriage to him, as much she as Ges thinks that its attraction by her satisfies its bisexual tendency, to the being a woman with military specialty something infrequent in Barrayar.

Cordelia and Aral have a son, Thousands Vorkosigan, protagonist of most of the series. After the appearance of the clone of Thousands, Mark, will treat to him like a son more of the pair.

Military service
Like almost all the young people VOR, Aral decided to enlist itself and to receive training in the School of Officials of the Imperial Academy. It ascended quickly until becoming the youngest Admiral of the history of Barrayar, and was put to the front of the campaign of Conquista de Komarr. Through a right strategy it obtained the surrender of the whole planet with a minimum use of the force. After the unfortunate events of Slaughter of the Solstice, gained the nickname of Butcher of Komarr .
Soon it was degraded to captain by internal subjects of the control of Barrayar. It is probable that it is during this period in which Aral served in Permafrost Camping, a well-known Arctic base to receive the soldiers of whom all the others have wanted to get rid. At this Aral time it would count approximately on 35 years.

In Fragments of honor we found us like captain of the ship General Vorkraft, which presumably is another punishment, since the colony of lepers of Vorkosigan knows itself like . In this stage of barrayaresa history, corruption between the army and existed enough political service . In each ship an administrative officer existed who made sure that the orders were being followed. The administrative officer of General Vorkraft directed an attempt of riot along with other officials, trying to assassinate to Vorkosigan. The blow fails, and Vorkosigan manages to recover the control.

Months later, the same novel shows to us Aral promoted to the rank of Commodore. Prícipe Serg and Admiral Ges Vorrutyer directs an offensive to invade the planet Escobar, that in the end turns out to be a massive murder orchestrated by Emperor Ezar Vorbarra to eliminate them both, along with their followers, before their life and government arrive at their aim. Ezar thinks that of to have managed to arrive at the throne, Serg would have dragged Barrayar to a dark future that could even end a new civil war. After this mission, in which Aral had to take care of that everything left since had planned the emperor, again promotes Admiral to him, whose first order is the retirement of the invading fleet.

Political race
After the death of Prince Serg, Aral is tired of its obligations. House with Cordelia Naismith and is decided to be based to train a family. Its tranquility does not last much, since it sends it to Ezar to call in his I milk of death and it appoints Prime minister of Barrayar and Lord him Regente of his grandson of four years, Gregor, until it reaches the age to govern by itself. Regency and the events occurred during the mandate of Aral relates in the novel Barrayar .
After the coronation of Gregor like Emperor of Barrayar to its majority of age, Aral even continues acting like Prime minister during years, until its retirement of the position in Dance of mirrors . Later Gregor appoints to him and its Cordelia wife, Virreyes of Sergyar, the most recent colony of the Barrayarés Empire.

From the death of its father in the soldier apprentice, Aral is in addition Count Vorkosigan, although once receives the virrey position the commitments of the Count to a large extent pass to its Thousands son . Added this a its other positions, to date of the last book of the published saga, the title of Aral is Virrey Count Admiral Vorkosigan .  http://www.myetymology.com/encyclopedia/Aral_Vorkosigan.html   

I know this is a site where English is not the first language, but got really sidetracked by Thousands Vorkosigan.
I found it because we were watching a PBS piece on US Grant, especially the part where they explained his "well-known" drinking was mostly because he had a very low tolerance for alcohol.
this is mostly because I read Cryoburn, then went back and read the whole series. Then I ordered the Sharing Knife books and read all four over the last week.  nothing obsessive to see here, move along.