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backdating catch-up

In yet another Lj experiment, I thought I'd see how well this backdate thing works.
We made it to War Eagle, had a nice drive up, stopping at Weiderkehr Winery, and generally just piddling along. No chores or projects for this weekend. This is to be a real vacation, not paid time off to get other things done, and no obligations to meet.
We ate breakfast, got up to War Eagle by way of the south entrance, and parked comfortably close. Greatly enjoyed the day, and managed to refrain from buying anything until we had toured all the tents on that side of the creek (the original Craft Fair site.)
When we did decide to buy stuff, a couple of items David had had in mind were gone. I attempted to make up for that at a silversmith's booth, where he found a nice ring just his size.