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an early spring

just as a record of how strange the weather has been, we had daffodils blooming in January. February saw the camellia first.ally break bud at the same time as the spirea and hawthorn. well before the month was over blooming things in my neighborhood included forsythias, grape hyacinths, snow drops, & phlox. the Bradford pears bloomed everywhere this week, as did our peach tree. I didn't notice the blooms on the vinca til after the first of March along with the first azalea buds breaking.


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I spotted some redbuds starting to pink-up along I-30 today.

Somehow I missed the forsythia. Dunno what happent to the ones in my neighborhood; there are usually several right-along Rodney Parham but I never saw them blooming.
the ones in town may not have bloomed yet, it is strange that with so many plants blooming early, some are late, or just seem late with the unusual competition.
the house redbud just broke into buds over the weekend here.