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horse stuff

When we went to feed this morning we found Oberon standing off to one side. We couldn't see anything wrong til I walked around him.
His right eye & muzzle were swollen up. He couldn't open his eye or even try to eat but there was no swelling under his jaw. We think he actually got stung. Brought him up the hill to the pen by the house and gave him some antihistamine. 
He started to perk up right away so we headed to town for a couple of hours. When we got back all the swelling was gone and he was returned to his beautiful self. I think we'll keep him up here a while even though he is already feeling well enough to complain about being stuck with the two goats.
eta: He lasted slightly less than two days before he got sent "home" back down the hill. Sunday night he started calling at bedtime, and we had the horsey equivalent of the Walton family "good-night John-boy" from the barn and back for about half an hour.