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Algorithms for the fail

so, I love eBay, and often use it to check prices.
On Sunday afternoon, I checked the price of a piece of farm equipment before stopping by Tractor Supply to see if it was available there. Yesterday afternoon, I receive a suggested post to share about eBay on Facebook. not sure if this is from Facebook or eBay.
now this is what I am currently watching on eBay - mostly silver and jewelry
watch list
this is a snapshot of the suggestions I get on eBay due to my usual search history - you will note silver, jewelry, horse-shaped objects and cell phone accessories (because why buy a charger or case at retail?)
and this is what Facebook thought I should post "because I found it on eBay"

In not totally unrelated news, we did get a couple of new goats last weekend.

Bonus points for anyone who knows what kind of farm equipment is made by Burdizzo.