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books read 2014

A Marked Man - Barbara Hamilton (Hambly)
Endless Night - Agatha Christie
Have Stakes Will Travel - Faith Hunter
Cat Tales - Faith Hunter
Black Arts - Faith Hunter
Halfway to the Grave - Jeaniene Frost
After the Golden Age - Carrie Vaughn
Sarah Plain & Tall - Patricia MacLachlan
Book of Iron - Elizabeth Bear
Bone & Jewel Creatures - Elizabeth Bear
Fledgling - Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
Shadow Unit 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13 - E Bull, E Bear, etc
Redoubt, Steadfast - Mercedes Lackey
Man-Kzin Wars XIV - Larry Niven
Cinder - Marissa Meyer
Time for Tea, Time and Fevers - Erica H. Smith
The Labyrinth Gate - Kate Elliot
Nine Goblins - T Kingfisher
Indigo Springs - A.M. Dellamonica
Blue Magic - A.M. Dellamonica
Broken Homes - Ben Aaronovitch
Carousel Sun - Sharon Lee
Medieval Underpants and Other Blunders - Susanne Alleyn
Clean Sweep - Ilona Andrews
Night Broken - Patricia Briggs
And Other Stories - Will Shetterly, Emma Bull
Tale of the Five Omnibus - Diane Duane
Half-Off Ragnorak - Seanan McGuire
Just One Damned Thing After Another - Jodi Taylor
A Symphony of Echoes - Jodi Taylor
Southern Gods - John Hornor Jacobs
A Passage of Stars - Kate Elliot
To Say Nothing of the Dog - Connie Willis
Swan's Braid - Tanya Huff
The Steerswoman - Rosemary Kirstein
The Outskirter's Secret - Rosemary Kirstein
Death of a Gossip - M C Beaton
Death of a Cad, Death of a Kingfisher- M C Beaton
The Grand Sophy - Georgette Heyer
A Quiet Gentleman - Georgette Heyer
Behold Here's Poison - Georgette Heyer
Venetia - Georgette Heyer
Foundling, Corinthian, Cousin Kate, Friday's Child, False Colours, Black Sheep & more by Georgette Heyer
Six-Gun Snow White - Catherynne M Valente
Lock In - John Scalzi
Eternal Sky trilogy, Range of Ghosts, Shattered Pillars, Steles of the Sky - Elizabeth Bear
Crewel - Gennifer Albin
Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins
Parasite - Mira Grant
Ancillary Justice - Ann Leckie
Horns - Joe Hill
Future Falls - Tanya Huff
California Bones - Greg Eekhout
Last Scene Dead - Charlaine Harris
Shakespeare's Champion - Charlaine Harris
Midnight Crossroads -Charlaine Harris