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War Eagle

We returned to War Eagle on Friday. It took us a little longer to get there, as we came in by the northern route. Passed a saddle shop on the way that had several obviously Amish vehicles for sale. Stopped and found a seat that will fit the wagon, after it is finished out. Discovered that 10ish on Friday was LATE to get to the craft fair, and that parking on that side of the creek was not free, but cheaper than the gas we'd burn waiting to cross. We knew we wanted items from that side of the creek, and we hadn't seen all the booths yet. Had to park in the back of beyond, and should have driven around until we found a closer spot. Had a good time shopping. The mill side was more flea-market oriented, but had some very interesting booths anyway. A terrific stained glass booth, and I found a booth with hand dyed & spun yarns. Picked up a couple of samples of roving for spinning, since I have a small drop spindle to experiment with. Trudged across the bridge to visit the one booth we'd skipped the day before - a glassblower who I've seen before at other craft fairs. I was absolutely positive I remembered where the booth was. Went down the first row, didn't see it. After two more rows in the tents yielded no results, David and I split up, each found the booth, and then couldn't find each other, then he finally showed up where I told him I would be waiting, and we went back to the booth. Artist said it had been incredibly slow for the last couple of hours, we were able to tell him that his booth had disappeared from the tent into an alternate dimension for that space of time, judging by our experience. I wanted to buy a vase in a pattern he had out, but in a color to match the pieces I've gotten before, but didn't see any out. David asked if he had any more of that style, and he dug into his back stock and found just the piece I wanted.
We collected out loot, and headed back to the house. Took yet another turn, and saw a sign for an apple orchard. Picked up fresh apple cider, and a back of late season apples. Supper was wine, cheese and apples.
Drove home Saturday, David's mom left before we got there. We had time to bathe Trip for a visit to the Pinnacle Mountain Roudevous on Sunday.