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dead branch

tmi round 2

2nd treatment was last week. went a lot quicker since the office was supposed to close at noon. it still took until about 12:45 for us to be cleared out.
I took nausea meds early and often, and bustled around quite a bit on Thursday, then mom drove down on Friday. She brought Panera, and Friday I got into the lemons DH had harvested this year for a batch of lemon curd.
the one Meyer lemon made it extra mellow. My taste-buds haven't been affected as much this time, so I've been able to eat pretty much everything served.
Pain wasn't as bad over the weekend, because I took pain pills. made DH take me to work on Monday, but ventured to drive in myself Tuesday and Wednesday. I slept each night until I was ready to get around. Bloated up the first of the week, and purged out on Wednesday. Lazed around today, have to be in town early tomorrow for a mammogram and to take care of things at the office.
I wore wigs the three days of work, just not real thrilled with the idea yet. Kind of like LiLei when she's in a mood. 2012-01-23_18-58-55_562