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First arrival of the year

Well, we've been getting ready for it, as we turned the mares in with the boys the first of April last year.
WIth four maiden mares, we tend to be a little anxious, and check them regularly. about a month ago we began moving them up to the foaling pen by the house. Leah, pictured, a bay with appy characteristics, has been making a bag for at least that long.

Girl is a DD cup size. 
anyway, we were wiped out last night and prepared to turn in early. after having a restless day, her bag had gone down some, and DH declared that "nothing is going to happen right away".
So. we went to bed, and I tossed and turned, having a touch of the bug that hit DH earlier in the week.
shortly before 3 am, he gets up, and checks out the window before heading to the bathroom.
"uh, there's something small and fuzzy following Leah out there".
so we stumble out there, in amongst the other four mares, Leah is being followed by a bay filly that looks just like mom's baby pictures. we iodined the navel, made sure she had nursed, and debated putting her up in the closed barn, but she was already dry and clean, and had nursed already. very friendly little girl about 20" tall, I'll have the weekend to get pictures, but this was what most would consider a typical foaling, 2 am, full moon, no assistance to get everything done. 


OMG, weekend?!
well. we did have to go to work this morning - it was DH's first day back after his surgery last week.
the only camera phone picture I had time to take looks more like a plushy sasquatch than a teeny pony. ;-D
for the sake of her future self-esteem, I really can't post that one.
See, you got me addicted and then....Letting little things like real life interfere with my tiny horse addiction.
well, these critters seem to expect me to be able to buy food on a regular basis, and the mortage to be paid.

in the meantime,since I don't know what y our internet connection speeds are, I shouldn't mention Mare Stare foaling cams, should I?