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new baby album up

got a few pictures this morning before we head to town.
created a new album for 2007
Baby's mom is named Warrior Princess Leah, and daddy is Dandy Andy
we're leaning toward Princess Cocoa
cause DH didn't think Princess Buttercup worked for a bay
and she seems to be more of a Coco, anyway



Ahem. I'm scaring my cats.
just so you know, I got out and took pictures, and posted them to the webalbum this morning before we went to town, just so you wouldn't have to wait until the end of the weekend.
She is already in the of "any mommy can do, I can do" phase. First it was the mommy's sleeping standing up, so I can tooooo...til Plonk she fell over sound asleep.
at supper just now, momma was eating from her feeder, and not sharing, but the salt feeder was next to it, so everytime mom's head bobbed as she licked heer feeder, Coco licked the salt block in unison.

Oh, God, I feel loved. No, seriously, that's really sweet. She's so damned cute and Momma is, too. Are they are sweet as they look?
Yeah, Leah is a real sweet, calm girl, and I think Coco is going to take after mom.
the first week, the foal will develope her personality in stages, but she just seems to have a charm about her that should appeal to potential buyers.
Right now, she's just got a lot to learn, and a lot of eating to do.
I need to get pics of Nubbin, the new puppy rying to play with her. He just hasn't got a clue as to what to do about the baby.
She's not a bit afraid of him, either.
OOH!!! FUZZY!!!!