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more vacation stuff

Sunday the 17th, we spent the day at the Pinnacle Mountain Roundezvous, an annual event near Little Rock. Haven't worked up the courage to dress in 1830's period costume like the re-enactors in the village, but for the last few years, we've wandered out there to spend the day with horse in hand. We see lots of kids, and make an average pace of 10 yards per hour, mostly sprints in between stops for petting and pictures. We took Trip this year, as he was the most "Indian-pony" looking of the current lot, being a red medicine hat with blue eyes. He did really well for a 2yr old stud boy, he certainly doesn't mind attention. I lugged the backpack, and brought the little drop-spindle along with the wool I had purchased to see if I could get some instruction from one of the demonstrators. sure enough, there was a gal spinning on a lovely spindle. After showing her what I had to work with, she gave me a few pointers that were not readily visible from the instructions. On Monday, whilst watching for the tornado the breezed through only a couple of miles from our house, I managed to begin to get the hang of spinning. By Tuesday, I had managed to make yarn of one of the bats of wool (about 3 oz worth). I think that counts as a successful vacation - actually went somewhere, wasn't responsible for the success of any event, no one wound up in the hospital, and I learned a new craft skill.