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some flowers for a sunny April

1st rose The first rose of the season.

container garden april 17 Our "container garden" has houseplants, herbs, and flowers that have been through the winter
We have Bay leaf, thyme, sage, rosemary, mint, geraniums both floral and scented, hibiscus, and a croton. Not in the picture is parsley, oregano and lavender. The ginger hasn't sprouted yet, and I've sown the bed with a mixture of radishes, cucumbers, zinnia & marigolds. There are various weeds allowed to flower, and our alternative ground cover is quartz crystal fragments we've dug up in Hot Springs. DH also has a row of citrus trees in containers around the corner, and I've been laying in various summer bulbs. We'll post them when they get along.
this is a test post, I'm still editing