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Time change rant

Saw the first piece on time change this morning. Let's see if I can get 100 words with no expletives.
The actual piece was about Massachusetts proposing to change to the Atlantic time zone (I guess dropping US DST, so that they would permanently stay with what is EST.)
Piece starts with farmers who "work from dawn to dusk".They are not getting an extra hour. They are just trying to con their workers into starting earlier.
For people who need to be outside early in the morning, DST is a hindrance and an insult.sure it gives you more time in daylight if you leave school at 3, or work at five, at the expense of dark school bus stops in the morning. With most of the workday in climate controlled and artificially lit buildings, DST makes no economic sense.


WE put our clocks back one hour on the Sunday.Hate doing it.
So do we. The period we are on standard time is so short I am not sure it's worth it to change the clocks that have to be done manually.