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DST ends, for a brief while

dawn, finally
The annoyance continues for a few more days.
Ben Franklin was being sarcastic about having to get up before noon. The first nation to institute DST as a policy was on the losing side of World War I. WWII meant anything pandering to war fever was used. and we all lost our collective minds in the 70s energy crisis. Finally careful research by candy companies caused them to promote keeping it spread out enough to enable more kids out after school begging for candy, before it gets too dark to see them.
We have a global economy tied together by 24 hour climate controlled offices. We don't need daylight to work, in fact it often interferes with reading a computer screen. If y our job requires daylight, you usually get up to start when the sun comes up anyway.
Why should we re-adjust our clocks? Will I remember how to re-set the car clocks in five months? Will there be enough sunlight to wake me up and let me do chores in the morning? Will I care that it's dark when I drive home, just like it's been for the past month or so?
It seems to me that if people were allowed to adjust their schedules to the actual daylight time need before, during, and after work, rather than making everyone change time-zones twice a year, we could actually save congestion and reduce "rush-hour" traffic. Not to mention making school bus stops safer in mornings.