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once more...

I tried to go to bed early, but Jewelann was circling the foaling pen with her nose to the ground, while pausing to kick at her belly.
Everyone else had taken their post-prandial nap in the dark end of the pen, and had decided to return to the hay bale to eat. 
Jewelann headed back to the dark, away from the others. I had the flash light, and went over to the pen to check on her. She gave me a baleful glare, and got back up, so I headed back to the front porch, and sat in the dark.  I now know the definitive sound of (a) the passing of a mucus plug, and (b) the sound of water breaking over a deep pile of leaves. 
I snuck back across the wildflowers, determined that something was presenting, and woke DH up by rapping on the nearest window. 
I actually climbed across the fence and went to check. It was time to break the sac, and with a sligth adjustment of one hoof that needed to be pulled forward, here it came.
about then, DH made it out the back door with the foaling kit. his back is out again. 
everything is proceeding normally, we've delivered the placenta, iodined the navel, and determined its a "one'holer" - a boy. 
in spite of the color of his daddy, trip
the little twerp appears to be a dark bay. with a white spot at the top of his tail. this is Jewelann's 6th foal, her 4th boy, and the first one to look just like her. This is Trip's first foal.
in a few minutes I'll go and check on them again. I might even get a picture or two tonite, but will most likely wait til morning.
Teri is acting out of sorts as well, so it may be awhile. We lost a foal early Saturday morning, Fierro was unable to deliver a foal that was not viable about three weeks before it should have been due, we had to drive about 75 miles in a dense fog at 2 am to get to a repro specialist to have the baby pulled. we picked her up yesterday, and she's not completely out of the woods, she'll be on antibiotics and pain meds for a week at least.
it's a roller coaster, the three ladies in waiting, Teri, Bell and Darlin are half-sisters from the same stallion. Jewelann is a maternal half-sister to Teri,  an aunt to Darlin, and a great-aunt to Bell on her daddy's side. the horse in the background behind Trip are Jewelann's boy Oberon, and her appaloosa niece Spirea, who is an aunt of Bell's.


WHee!! Behbehs!!!! I have three behbehs on the ground although they aren't nearly as valuable as your behbehs. At least mine go well with asparagus and a nice spring salad. ;D
yeah, but that means that the value of yours remains consistent, rather than the price of a luxory pet.
I was up every hour on the hour, but Teri is still doing nothing but standing by herself and moping.
I was glad to hear that the small boy was thriving for you.