wynnsfolly (wynnsfolly) wrote,

#100words rants and fics

I need to improve my writing so I'm going to try something. Each day I will try to post at least 100 new words. It may be a rant on the topic of the day, it may be a piece of "creative" writing, it might be something that happened in my world. It might even be food-related.
Just as long as I get something down.
I expect the fiction to be pieces and parts that have been floating around in my head, with no particular order or plan. I don't think I'll ever be a novelist, and this isn't associated with anyone else's project, because I'm not capable of joining in groups. But I am becoming a better editor.
My current setup lets me post in Dreamwidth, and automatically post to Livejournal, which posts to Twitter. I have not figured out how to integrate photos in Dreamwidth yet, nor how I want to link to Facebook. This may come later, as my other goal for the year will be building website skills. I need new skills for my sixties.
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