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Sebastian, grandson of Malvolio

Out of Wynns Folly Lady Jewelann, by Trilogy's Replica
Anyone have a suggestion for barn name for him?


Hmm, no suggestions leap to mind for a barn name but he IS awfully cute. Give it a couple days. The barn name will come to him.

My little white Romney lamb has a nice, fancy name but didn't have a barn name until I picked him up the other day and realized how HUGE he is so now his barn name is "Samson".
heehee, this one is much bigger than the filly from last week, so I don't think we can call him "Tiny". I've come up with a barn name from the second syllable of his name, but it won't work well in public.
He's destined to be gelded early by the looks of it. Certainly has the legs for a driving horse.