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the impermanence of time

I heard a discussion on NPR about the creative process and how we perceive the results. Some types of creative products are set in stone as they happen. Things like a typewritten letter, a live recorded performance, a stage performance may only be experienced as they happen, or as the results are received. the viewer's experience can only happen once and never be the same again. Even a live recording must be unedited and raw to truly capture the unique time and place.
Other artistic endeavors are curated and edited, both as they happen, and into a new shape as a final creation. the editing and re-arrangement of the piece is linked to the final result.
I've decided I am most comfortable in an edited version of my life.
I write by back-tracking, correcting spelling and thought as I go, rather than spilling out a rough and ready draft of life. I practice conversations and how I will move through new situations in life, a constant rehearsal for the main event. Spontaneity is not who I am.