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The most recent addition

Is Rose, from Darlin, arrived just before 7 am Monday morning

here she meets Nubbin, the wonder pup
(we wonder what kind of pup he is, that is)


OMG, cute. Ahem.

I didn't say that. I wasn't here. I never squee.
I never saw you.
Is this a good time to admit that I've taken over 20 dozen pictures since the first of March? the wonders of digital cameras.
Yeah, digital cameras are Teh Evil. Let's not discuss the pictures of my cats. Let's not discuss the size of my SD card.
I've noticed that everytime over the last couple of years, when I've bought a memory card, I've paid the same price, but gotten twice the memory each time. which is good, because I copy pictures to every possible drive. gotta get more posted.
Yes, yes, you do. Er...I have an eight gb sd card.
good for you! you've got me beat, but then my limit is $30-40.
my first digital camera is a Mavica, and I still use floppies in it. I use tech until it's used up. then the newer stuff is cheap enough to buy.
frex, the new digital camera I'm using only cost about $125, which when compared to the 35mm camera I bought in 1982 for $100, really is quite the bargain.