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darlinwynnsfolly wrote
on October 30th, 2004 at 12:33 pm

end of month wrapup

I am going to catch up of else.
we had our last show of the season, a fuzzy/fun/charity show on the 23rd. Had quite a few spectators, including some folks who "borrowed" horses for their kids. Raised around $800 for the Sunshine School in Searcy. It really felt like a good time was had by all.
I got two skeins of wool spun by hand, and now must do something with it. this forced me to go buy a crochet hook, and while I was there, I decided I should buy some yarn to practice with. so now I have two skeins of yarn in a funky fluffy pattern to work with, to see just what I may manage to create. I only know the one crochet stitch my granma taught me, so we'll see if I can finish anything. It is nice to do something that doesn't require good light or better eyes.
after having seen several articles on how the fashion accesory of the year is a poncho, I'm tempted to dig out the one she made for me in 1970, before she passed away. yes, it is older than my little sister, but it might be worth digging out.

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