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a bizarre occurance at work

Our internet and phones went down at work on Monday, a few minutes before noon.  our outside phone line and T-1 line were shut off, no internet, no email, no phone, no fax. We had just switched our cell service to a new carrier, along with three pda accounts, and one broadband wireless access card for a new laptop. so we at least were able to contact the most urgent client issues. not all floors were affected, we were one of the special ones.
It took a day and a half before it was determined that a trunk line had been cut and removed from a utility shaft. 30' of a three inch diameter bundle consisting of 2400 pairs of copper cable. 
the telephone guys finally had made enough connections to put us back in touch with the world this morning.
The picture below was a piece of the cable recovered from a local salvage yard, less than 24 hours after the lines went down.
the thieves apparently walked out with sections of the cable in the middle of the day, from the second largest office building in the city.

for those who might not know, salvaged copper sells for an unreal price, and theft of copper in any form is becoming a major problem. the estimated value of the copper was over $7k.