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Weaning time

I'm plugging away at work, a little at a time. I'm less than a week behind right now, which is actually normal for the month.
We moved the weaned foals into the arena pen next to the house complete with Samiamalama, and moved the two jr boys, Trip and Andy, down the hill into the front pasture across from the pens with Smoke & Harly. All are geting well excercised.
We didn't wean Amber until we put her up the hill, and she's been pretty annoyed by the whole thing. She doesn't seem to think that Sami makes a good mother substitute, and I think he agrees, but they are sorting things out now.
She spent a coupld of days running to the back side to call for her mother, then doing this pissy little run around the stall, and back again to call for mom. Topaz walked through the fence the first night, and we found her in the yard about 11, accompanied by Belladunna and Scarlette. She was more interested in the grass in the back yard than in what her daughter wanted, but we got it all sorted, and a couple of new fence posts installed before we went to bed. this is the last piece of "temporary" fence we first installed, waiting to be put in properly.
We are still discussing exactly where the fence line between the back pasture and the yard was supposed to be run, five years after starting this project.
Jasper and Iris share a feeder at meals, and Amber looks to Spirea for comfort and guidance.
I half expected Sami to jump the fence into the yard, but I suspect he likes being so close to the house.