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halter training is officially started this morning. We put a halter on Sebastian first, then let him get used to it while we worked each girl.
Snow accepted the halter well, went where we steered her.
Cocoa didn't object to the halter, and was fine as long as we headed where she wanted to go.She needed a little encouragement with the "go where I'm steering" part. 
 Rose was easy to halter, but did not care for the fact that it meant she was not in charge. she was the first to actively pull back, and we had to actually slip the leadrope around her butt to create a loop, No other persuasion was necessary to get her to steer with a loose lead at the head. But she did show a preference for working from the right, rather than the left side. Not a biggy, as I always try to train from both sides anyway.
then it was time for the boy.
He has no issue at all going with you. standing still, and standing tied are a whole nother rodeo. He found it an unpleasant surprise that nipping and rearing were stopped as if by magic without personal touch.  We did well, then reached a good stopping part. He immediately started a fit when I loosened the halter, which meant that rather than it slipping off, it went back on, and we worked a few minutes more.
so, instead of just halter on, walk forward, stop, halter off and extra petting, he had a much longer session, which included backing, standing, tieing, (with me as fence post), walking, trotting, and repeated haltering.  Gotta keep thinking performance gelding.