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Baby Mini

Your baby pinto mini is so adorable! We have one pinto, palamino and white, but she looks white most of the time. I love those markings on yours, looks like an indian warrior pony! I do love minis (my family has 3 and 3 shetlands).

Re: Baby Mini

why thank you!
this is Amber, we bought her mom kind of accidentally at an auction about six months before she foaled Amber.
we do have quite a few others, about two dozen in fact. I've got several albums of pictures at
I did manage to take some pictures in our snow last month, you might enjoy.
I'd love to see pictures of your minis.
I'm afraid that I haven't really gotten my livejournal into gear yet, and haven't had time to dig too deeply to find other horse owners to friend yet.My husbad and I have been raising minis for long enough to have a great-granddaughter of our first breeding horses ready to foal this year.
I do plan on sharing the foaling season as much as possible.


Re: Baby Mini

so cute in their warm fuzzies during winter time! Where are you guys? We are in Florida. We actually went to AMHR Nationals and ASPC Congress this season. So much fun! My sister, the trainer and handler, was looking at your album with me...all ahhhhs and "how cutes"! I will try to show you some pictures of ours. I just got my LJ so I am still working out the kinks. But I will get some up soon!


Re: Baby Mini

oh, I forgot to mention below, we're in Central Arkansas, near Little Rock.

Pictures of our neigh-neighs!

Got the kinks worked out, didn't take as long as I thought! So here are the mini's:

Daisy @ 2004 AMHR Nationals

Romeo @ 2004 Open Arab show

Misty @ 2004 Open Arab show

Here are the shetlands:

Boo @ 2004 Congress

Max @ 2004 Open Arab show w/ Boo

Topper @ 2004 Front Yard

Re: Pictures of our neigh-neighs!

My those are some gorgeous horses. Looks like you do quite a bit with them, too.
I'd enjoy hearing how they do at shows. we don't get many chances to show, and while we sent one girl out this last year to train and show with Laura Harrel, we didn't send her on to Nationals.
thanks for sharing your pictures.

Thanks...they are a blast. Each so different from the next, like a little family unit in our backyard. In truth they are big kids and very messy pets! Sorry if the pictures came out too big...still trying to figure this all out. I just learned about cuts today! But yeah showing is a huge ordeal, with that said it seems we always find a way to make it work. Plus the horses really like it! LOL!


Awwww...how cute :)

I've just recently got into minis after I got a job to train one at a farm I work at!!!! I love them!!!!!