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Bella & Artie

after DH got up every 45 minutes last night, after I went to bed about
midnight, and took a shift at 5:30, we decided we couldn't leave Bella alone.
He went in to work, and I went out about 9 to watch her, she lay down and
started to push.  I have decided it is not a good sign when the water doesn't
break and gush out all at once.
finally got a hoof, and a nose. (I had called DH at 9:10 to tell him it had
the other hoof wasn't coming. I got around that, and got his head and leg, the
other leg delivered bent at the knee, and then we got to the hips and hung
again. Bella wouldn't stand up, the other foals were trying to help, and I
could not bring him any farther. I called DH at 9:36, and he was half-way
home. All I could do was hang on, keep the foal clean and out of the way of
feet until he drove up 5-10 minutes later. He whirled into the driveway, I
yelled for him to grab the tote with the extra towels and a clean OB sleeve,
and get it on as he came down.
By then, it was all I could do to hold Bella's head, we got her standing, and he
started twisting and turning on the foal. He yells, "have you called the vet?",
I tell him, "no, both hands have been busy". I get my vet, ask her "where are
you?", she says "nearly to Ozark"(she consults on abuse cases, it is really
using a lot of her time). I hang up, and fumble for another vet number. My
hands are shaking so bad I can't hit the buttons. About then I heard a
sploosh-plop, and there he was, hips tail and all. About this time Sebastian
(Jewellann's colt) decided he was not going to be ignored, and emptied the
foaling kit all over underfoot. we all four kind of lay there for a minute or
two, then I headed up the hill for more towels, calling our vet back as I went.
I told her I should have called earlier, as everytime we seem to call in a
panic, if a foal is deliverable, we get it done then. accoridng to my phone,
that call took place at 9:50. So DH accomplished in under ten minutes what
I had been working on for nearly 45. Took little booger almost two hours to
nurse, but in the meantime, we had milked a few cc's of milk at a time and fed
him. He finally emptied her bag completely by about 3.
His momma is a blue dun (grulla) pinto and his daddy is a silver dapple
pintoloosa. He's got white and black hooves, grey eyes, and a stripe down his
back. If he has an actual pinto marking or any appaloosa characteristics, you
can't tell at this point. he may be a dun on silver on black.


Wow, what a scary experience for you. Nice outcome though. He's a really pretty boy. :)
I think it ws more exhausting than scary, but Bella is a very special girl to me, and I do not plan on going through this again.
The first mare we bought was Mayday, who, when bred to our first good stallion Malvolio, gave us Miranda, who produced Betty by Prospect, who foaled Bella by Rebel, and for generation 5, produced Artie by Andy.
If he's been born a month ago, he would definitely have been named Cinco e Mayo.