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red plate

DH just figured out he may be a foodie


The route home includes one home with a garden plot, where a couple of teen-agers earn there summer money by selling the tomatoes, cucumbers and squash. Cause we likes our fresh veggies, and seeing kids work hard, we often stop for the latest crop. Today, in addition to yellow squash, they had red, pink and yellow tomatoes. DH got one of each, and could barely wait to get the rest of the way home. I suggested mixing his tri-color salad with a cucumber, the rather garlicky pesto my sister had given us last time she was down, and balsamic vinegar. By the time he had chopped the tomatoes and the cucumber, the 2 quart salad bowl was full. Aged Cardona cheese was shredded across the top to finish.

Supper was sliced squash (yellow and zucchini) sautéed with pesto, yellow jasmine rice, and chicken breasts served over portabella mushrooms, topped with caramelized onions and a sliver of ermenthaler cheese.

I think we’ll finish off the yellow watermelon for dessert.

DH was rightfully proud of the cooking skills he’s acquired over the years.


Morris and I like to zap the sliced yellow and green squash in the microwave, with a small onion quartered-in, and about a tablespoon of water for steam and either olive oil or margarine for seasoning.

You can also zap Vidalia onions: cut a bit off the root end so it will set steady, and another bit off the stem end, then ding out the top in a cone about 1" across and 1" deep. Put either a handy red wine or 1/4 tsp of beef bouillon crystals + 1/4 tsp butter in the hole. Set in a microwaveable bowl (if you've got the small Rubbermaid bowls handy, put each in its own bowl to retain the juices even better) and zap under a loose lid for 5 to 8 minutes, depending on the size of the onion.
of course, the quatity DH cooks at a time wouldn't actually fit in the microwave - he has to use the Really Big Skillet for him to cook in a manly manner