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is the weekend over yet??

I've had to burn off my last vacation days, so I took off Wed & Fri. this involved working from 9am to midnight Thursday to get everything done for the week. this far, the days off included: mowing, two loads of boxes hauled to storage, closet cleaned out, 40 round bales delivered and put in barn, 2 horses sold and picked up, and weaning the older foals. 
 Leah & Cocoa were picked up this morning. Thursday I printed off, on the nice laser printer, all the transfers and applications needed to go with the original papers, and put everything, all nice and neat, and signed, in a folder for the very nice new owner. We had to run the mares & foals up into the back yard so the hay guy could pull in.
I haltered and tied Leah, set the paperwork folder on the picnic table in the back yard, and stepped inside to check the phone. 
I came back out, and someone had reached across the table, picked up the folder, flung it on the ground, and tried to eat the various pieces! the only important thing damaged beyond salvaging was the registration application for Cocoa, there was a big old chunk missing.
It took me a good ten minutes to find that particular form, because I normally fill it in online and print just what I need.
but they are on their way, the hay is in the barn, without getting rained on.  the neighbor girl had a friend sleeping over, they have been over here twice to play with the horses. this is how the babies get halter-broke, I attach a ten year old girl to the end of a lead rope.
oh, and I gathered some elderberries, and made a jar of elderberry syrup.