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red plate

persuaded DH to stop at a different restaurant on the way home last night
when he's had a Very Bad Day, he'll veer right instead of left and want to eat chinese buffet
across the street is a Mexican place, and I wasn't in the mood for chinese, so I asked if we could try it. he was in full menuphobia mode, so I ordered the fajita mixta for him, and tacos caribenos for myself. mine came with grilled chicken in soft flour tortillas, pico de gallo the way I like it with tomatoes and onion but light on cilantro and peppers, fried plaintains and salsa verde. it was the best salsa verde I've had in years. actually made from tomatillos and onion, not an excuse for pureed peppers.
his plate wasn't as big as he'd like, but the freshness made up for it. (he'd recently had a plate of mixed fajitas with shrimp that had overstayed it's welcome), and it was close to what he'd expressed a desire for last week, something like hispanic homecooking, not tex-mess.
I think we can go back. I've got my eye on an appetizer featuring enchiladas with chicken, salsa verde, & pineapple..


So where IS this place of wonders?

BTW: have a look over at

Fun music next week on Wednesday evening.