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First flower report

I have meant to do this on a regular basis, so will backdate somewhat. This year the first daffodils were out by the first of March, earlier than I really expected them. The first to bloom were the naturalized variety common in our area. the small drift in our front yard were far outclassed a couple of houses down by about a quarter-acre of lemony goodness. The two camillias out front didn't start to bloom until the first daffodil had sprung its head. I thought they had gotten a little too cold, but both have bloomed most of their buds. the larger one probably has a dozen large double red blooms. the spirea, another early bloomer, was in a race with the forsythia this year, barely getting in the first sprays of white. All are definitely earlier than last year, as Spirea the filly was born the end of March, and they were just starting to bloom then. The peach tree has bloomed and not been frozen, gonna have to thin the fruit buds in a few weeks.