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the kitty who followed DH home from work

I haven't been able to get a good indoor picture of her yet.


OOH, she's preeetty! She looks to be an American Snowshoe. They're blue eyed with that Siamese sort of build and have four white feet, a tuxedo belly and are often striped too. I have one and he fits that bill to a T. :)
that may be the lead we were looking for. she has all the qualities of a cage or cattery raised kitten, we suspect she came in heat for the first time, and either got out or was kicked out. DH found her hiding in a box at the apartment complex where he works, scared and starving. so she followed him home, in a cat carrier in his van. I would describe her as a domestic shorthair/siamese cross, or maybe a "designer" type kitten.
she is a blue-eyed, mitted, broken tabby sealpoint, still growing in her color. don't know how much weight she'd lost, as she was just skin and bones when she came home. we fed her and wormed her, after a couple weeks she came in to heat. we lived through that (siamese calling and inappropriate displays of affection included), and took her to the vet 3 weeks ago for spaying. when we took her in she weighed 6.6 lbs, and her age was estimated at 5-6 months. last week when we took her by for stitch removal, she weighed 7.2 lbs. Her personality is very much as described on the websites about snowshoes, including the fascination with water draining, and the very vocal reaction to being left alone. she spends much of her evening jumping from the back of one recliner to the other, playing with her paperwads, and trying to intimidate the outdoor cat through the glass back door.
Yeah, she's not a pure Snowshoe by any means but I'd lay odds it is fairly high up in her lineage. Her tabby markings are too pronounced to be purebred but that doesn't mean she isn't terribly cute anyway. :)

This is a side shot, no head pose of my Snowshoe, Timmy. http://www.flickr.com/photos/59182125@N00/1218471172/ If you look real closely under the "original size" listed under "all sizes", you can see his tabby markings mixed in with his siamese points (he's a lynx point like his sister) under the siamese shading he's starting to get along his flanks.

If you poke around my flickr account long enough, you'll find better pics of his face. He's really a striking cat. :) We had him neutered because we don't want to contribute to the cat population any more than necessary but also because his crossed eyes put him out of the competition since the breed standard prohibits that trait. Personally, I think it is probably even more charming that his eyes are crossed. It looks like your girl's beautiful blue eyes are also a bit crossed. Makes them interesting!
Oh yeah, and I got him and his sister, Keiko, free from a friend whose kitten had gotten outside during her first heat. Apparently daddy was the Snowshoe who lives down the street. Keiko and Timmy were the only two who had the purebred trait characteristics, although most of the kittens had the tuxedo pattern (Keiko was the exception; she looks purebred, old fashioned siamese before they got anorexic and ugly looking).
I remember when you brought them home, it's hard to believe its been more than a year! Ours may just be a siamese cross, fortuously on a mittened tabby, but she sure fits the breed standard personality profile.
we had a very nice siamese when I was a teenager, so I'm familiar with theer traits, as well as how bad it could have been when Li-Lei was in heat. She only has slightly crossed eyes and a slightly kinked tail.
btw, I'm glad your new job is going a little better. hopefully, the "step up" will include a little better pay as well.