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First foaling of the year

All weekend, we worked off and on at the office for a proposal due Monday afternoon. I use "we" loosely, as the bulk of the work was done without my input. All I had to do was the number-crunching part, which of course had to wait on everyone else finishing their concepts, and gathering estimates, etc. Which means I really was able to start focusing on my contribution about three Friday afternoon.  I did do some proofing in addition to running the numbers several different ways, and no one really checked my numbers before MOnday morning. it was still the first proposal delivered on Monday afternoon.

Monday night, we had thunderstorms roll through before bedtime. the mares were not happy at all, restless ad confused more than normal seemed to be the mood of the evening.

Well, at 12:05 am, David woke up to check the foaling pen, yelled something incoherent about Patina being down, and headed outside. I jumped into my clothes, grabbed towels and iodine, and headed out the back door after him. She was down and the foal was nearly all delivered, with David attending to clearing airways and such by the time I made it to the pen. I checked that the other two mares weren't interfering too much, and went back in to get something to tie off the cord. We then had to decide what to do with them, as in the aftermath of the storms, it had gotten colder. I went into the shop (which was supposed to have been cleaned over the weekend while I was working) and cleared space. It goes much quicker if you don't care about finding someones else's tools and supplies. While I was doing this, David was bonding with the new black leopard colt.

Foal Album

He's been named Wynn's Folly Spotted Harleykin, out of Spotted Feather by Low Ridin Harley. aka Kenny

stop me before I pun again



ooooo - CUTE!
he'll be easy to spot, whereever he goes. and he's already showing signs of being just a little smarter than either parent.
we were planning on a fieldtrip this weekend, but the next nearest mare is still holding out on us, so we have to stay close by.