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pictured here at a show when she was two sold last weekend along with Diva, to the folks who bought Trip earlier in the year. We hope this means that there will be more babies like Snow coming in the future for us to see.


You suck so bad for posting these adorable pictures when I most need to see cute animals. I don't know why that equals suction but, damn, my envy is immense. She is absolutely adorable and beautiful.
while I'm trying to figure out if I'm being any help at all to cheer you up, I will note that I am still at work instead of being at home able to spend time with said critters. I think I'll go home in time to get 6 or 7 hours sleep before coming back to work. Let's just say that I have a different perspective on bureaucratic mindless government minions, and I am no more impressed by the average bureaucrat than you are. at least all I'm trying to do is get them to pay bills for work they want my company to do.
Oh, pictures of horses are always good. I'm just oddly repressed at moments. She's lovely.
good, you know I just want to help, not hurt
now to go post a friday flower..