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I love the pics you have posted. It's nice to see someone else into miniatures. I love them. We have both regular and minis and the minis win my heart. I would love to keep up with you and see what's up with minis in AK. Would that be okay with you? I'll friend you and check back.
Welcome, and thank you for stopping by, I appreciate all the friends I can get.
looks like we've got quite a few interests in common, even besides the horses. looking forward to reading your blog.
Sorry I haven't kept up with you, you had not replied to my friend post and my page doesn't load your site. Let's try again.
Hi, I have friended you, and have been enjoying your posts.
I'm really irregular about posting, as I usually sqeeze it in during break time at the office, where I spend way too much time.
that's why I mostly post pictures, I never seem to have time to just write anything.
What do you mean that your page doesn't load my site? is that something I need to work on?