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Beautiful weather

It has been an absolutley gorgeous weekend, warm and clear blue skies. The oak tress are crowned with a golden nimbus of...POLLEN.

otc claritin, on an hourly basis, is a good thing




Look at all the color you have!!!! Is your stud a fewspot or something of that nature??? Lucky lucky lucky you, dear :)

Re: Color!

why thank you!
I really have to get back to entering some journal entries, the little boy above, Kenny, is already being weaned, and I haven't updated even my online photo album of pictures of him and his sissy, who is a silver leopard.
the daddy of the two is my little red leopard boy, Harly. because of some conformation issues with him, he was gelded about a month before these two were foaled. my husband is not too happy about the fact we didn't use him more - he's still asking me if the vet could find "them" and re-attach.
here are some of the pictures from both this year and last:
the appy from last year was sired by an outside stallion, but her mom is a sister to the appy filly we got this year. good solid black bay makes for a good base for crossing on color!

Re: Color!

LOL! "Find them"!? Who did you breed to this year? The filly from last year is lovely. The little pinto is nice, too.
Where are you located?

Re: Color!

Oh. You got quite a few pintos. LOL.. all of them. I love color. Who is the dark bay/black at the very end running in the snow? What a neck.

Re: Color!

The mahogany bay running with the black & white dog is FreeByrd, our BLM mustang pony. She's between 13 and 14 hands now, at about 6. I've uploaded some more of the more current pictures, to give an idea of our herd.
I do love color, and I think I am trying to have a horse of every color, which is theoretically possible when raising minis. we started out with solid horses, but I kept wanting other colors - I haven't had a frame overo, but I have had several toveros, and I have owned a champagne, but sold her before the color was identified.
I'm going to make a quick post listing our horses.
We didn't intend to breed this year, but so far, 2 mares have been bred, one and outside mare, and the other has been put with Smoke & Mirrors.
Our young boys, who hopefully will get to go to work next year include Smoke, Trip - a 3 yr old red medicine hat, Andy - a silver dapple pintoloosa who is 2 this year, and possibly Kenny if he comes along as he's started.

Re: Color!

No wonder she has a long neck LOL she looks teeny tiny!! Shes beautiful. I love that dark dark bay.

This is my boy -->http://www.geocities.com/annaprobst/Renegade.html
There arent good pictures of him. We shaved him too close to the date of the show so his pretty silver bay colour didnt come in in time. He was still grey LOL... I think we would have placed higher. We got our butts handed to us by a Buckeroo stud in that class, but we beat everyone else! He is so dark in full-coat. Ive been meaning to take some pictures of the old man this year, Ill let you know when I have some.
If youre ever showing within 40 miles of StLouis let me know and I'll probably come. I havent gotten back into the show scene since Renegade's 3 yr old year... I think he's 7-8 now LOL I would love to go.

When you look for frame overos, I personally love LTD's. The older woman and her daughter are so kind. That was my first (mini) show those pics were taken at and I was absolutely panicking. I actually forgot a halter at one point and she let me borrow hers. Her horses are so beautiful, it's the first place I would stop for a splash or a frame- they kick butt in the ring!
Im off to go see your pictures ;)