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Rose & Snow

A Saturday afternoon in the park with the girls


Hee! They're so pretty!
can you tell they had experienced their first bath the night before? Snow (the black one) had a bad case of "can't do anything with my hair" and stayed all curly for about a week. this was about half way through our day, we had taken them to the frontier re-enactment/mountain man roundezvous/powwow and they had been literally touched by every single kid there.
How many mini do you have? I had contacted you once before about your mini's and was hoping to stay in touch with you about the little critters.
Right now, we've got 14 horses, with 2 mares on sales contracts. (this includes FreeByrd, our mustang pony)
We've been up to over 2 dozen, but are cutting back, due to our work absorbing more of our time, and the fact we aren't going to breed any more for a while. the ones we are keeping are the third, fourth, and fifth generations from our original stallion and two mares.