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his fluffiness

 we were trying to take registration pictures under the new rules for the registry. photography is always a challenge, I think when we put DH and one of the young'ins together for pictures, it's a replay of a Calvin and Hobbs school picture taking day.


Beautiful mini. I can't wait to get a larger herd. Do you show? I am debating on whether or not to register my little stallion.
we are distinctly untalented in showing, but we have a good time with our local fun shows. we have more fun just taking our horses with us where ever we can.
If your stallion is subject to registration, the sooner you do it, the cheaper it will be, and he will hold his value better. if you decide to produce any babies, registration can be the difference in actually covering some of your expenses. also, registration will open up opportunities to do more things with your minis.
have you seen my albums? they are at http://wynnsfollymini.myhosting.net/Albums/
got lots of baby pictures, as well as the horses we've had over the years, and quite a few pictures from shows and other stuff we do with them.

also, I have some youtube videos as wynnsfollymini that I took at the AMHR nationals in Tulsa this last September