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The Herd

I've been asked about our herd, just thought I'd make a simple list.
Please do not tell any of my relatives just how many horses we really have.
1. Freebyrd, a BLM mustang pony mare, about 6, 13some hands,
2. Topaz, big old sorrel/flaxen mare,
3. Miranda May (Mandy) 1994 black bay mare.
4. Jewelann, black bay mare
5. Smoke & Mirrors, black stallion
6. Harly, red leopard gelding
7. Darlin, bay pinto mare
8. Bendor, silver bay mare
9. Belladunna, grulla pinto mare
10. Kachina, dun mare
11. Oberon, silver bay gelding
12. Julia, palomino mare
13. Trip, red medicine hat stallion
14. Wisteria, silver dapple pinto mare
15. Patina, silver blanket app mare
16. Fierro, red/blaze mare
17. Leah, bay w/app char mare
18. Diva, black/greying pinto filly
19. Andy, silver pintoloosa stallion
29. Spirea, bay blanket app filly
21. Iris, black pinto w/app char filly
22. Amber, red pinto filly
23. Kenny, black leopard colt
24. Opal, silver leopard filly

See comments for details, as I have time


more detail

1. Freebyrd, a BLM mustang pony mare, about 6, 13some hands, not really broke, but David can halter her.
2. Topaz, big old sorrel/flaxen mare, who we accidentally bought at an auction, mother of Amber and currently living with Smoke. Old scars all over her, we think that must have been caused by dogs, as she really really believes that if she's in danger, she should kick the fool out of whatever upsets her
3. Miranda May (Mandy) 1994 black bay mare. Mother of Spirea, grandmother of Belladunna, half-sister to Jewelann and Smoke
(ok, I don't have time to finish this with the detail I want, I'll come back later..)
I don't think I've ever seen all the critters bunched together, the way you have your current place arranged.
I can see why you went shopping for a bigger spread.

bigger spread

yeah, actual acreage is a real goal in life. its the main reason we have reduced to just the llama, and haven't any goats or sheep right now. not to mention cattle. right now, of course, we have to buy hay year round. kind of a scary thought the way this year has started out.
believe it or not, we're down by four horses from sales this year so far.
but the chicken population is another matter
um, need eggs?
You left off the llama and the goat (sheep?)