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excerpts from a pager

 the reason my husband needs a new job:

Kicked door knob off of bathroom door because it was stuck. still cannot get into bathroom.
(when told he would have to pay a lockout fee, as it was the weekend, he said don't come and still hasn't turned in a work order for repairs)

There is smoke coming from the dryer vent in 2102. This is my neighbor and I am sure he is not home.
(he was, it was about 40 degrees, and he was in fact doing laundry)

2am: woman in parking lot beating car with baseball bat
(new answering service people, had to be reminded to call police first, maintenance don't go there)

Playground on fire . . . . again
(covered with bark mulch, and smokers frequent it at all hours)


Yikes... you see, that's why maintenance people have to be among the bravest folks out there... ;-)

being just a little nuts helps too