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our foundation sire, at age 22

 malvolio at 22 with DH


He's beautiful.....even at 22.
yeah, we didn't get him until after he was 17. saw him come through an auction at about 14, and I thought then he was the most breathetaking horswe there. couldn't afford him then, but amazing what a few ownership changes can do to a horse's price.
he made it to 25, which is pretty good for a stallion who had a few rough years. we still have a daughter, grandkinds, greatgrandkids and one greatgreatgrandson born this year. somewhere I have a four generation picture, taken his last summer shortly after the birth of his greatgranddaughter. one of those I really need to scan
(my default icon is one of his granddaughters)
You are so lucky to have some many beautiful minis. Since purchasing our first one they have won my heart over. As you can tell by my icon, paints are my favorite. Our stallion is a black and white paint. I can't wait to get more. I'm beginning to think that we need more land. We thought 60+ acres would be more than enough for us but we keep wanting more critters. How much land do you run your minis on, if you don't mind me asking?