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ole sparky

just a week after the lightning close encounter, I went to turn off the bathroom light and had it flash a big blue ball and burn out on me, so DH had to come home early from work to do repairs. yes, we do plan on getting an electrician out to go over the whole system, but we've got to make time for it. we also plan on enclosing the patio this year, we'll need one for that as well as for the repairs to the cottage. (what we optomistically call a cottage is a detached guestroom with bath. the structure is actually part of an old trailer, set up on poles. the bathroom hasn't worked since we had the first hard winter freeze in 2000. until this year, we've been using it as a glorified closet). we've got a long list of repairs, updates and general upkeep needed on on this place. we just need the time.