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red plate

weekend food

we actually went grocery shopping today, & found turkey on sale. I've baked it with leek, fennel root, onion, garlic, marjoram & sage. it cooked out just right in under 3 hours, in time for supper. DH has been wanting some bread, so I started a milk-based dough, to which we added garlic, parsley & two kinds of aged cheese for the second rise. It will go in the oven as soon as it finishes rising.


Sounds yummy.....
well, if you don't mind that "aged" cheese = cheese that got forgotten in the fridge. DH wasn't sure if he liked it, until he decided to dip it in some of the turkey stock that has been on the stove since about 4:30. then he decided it was what he wanted. He's put 3 gallon ziploc bags of deboned meat in the freezer, and still needs to put the stock in the fridge. I'm going to let him take care of that.