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Miranda May

One of my all-time favorite mares, she was the first foal we had from Mel, the little nearly black stallion pictured recently.  She is also the grandmother of Belladunna, our grulla pinto who produced Artie this year. We sold her three times, buyinig her back twice due to the buyers no longer having a place for horses. 
This is her at 11, after 5 foals Mandy


She's awesome....I wish I had more minis.
more will happen just give it time.
I'm sure your stallion is willing to work on that.
she came along at about the four year mark, when we had worked up to 5 or 6.
now we are trying to whittle the herd down to the dozen mark, from over two dozen.

only two don't carry our farm name - one of which we purchased before weaning.