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lacking snow yet this winter...

I thought I'd pull something from last winter. appaloosa camo (they are predicting that whatever falls this weekend will be frozen,  but nothing like so many places have already experienced this winter). in the foreground is Opal, behind her on the left is Spirea, and to the right big brother Oberon.


Would they be considered appalosa's?

You have such original names....I love them. We have names like Buttons and Zipper, our mini's.
hey, at one time we had a Bow and an Arrow. 8-D
My main sources for names are (1) literary (Mel's name came from a Shakespearian play)(2) floral and (3)gemstones.

the girls are appaloosas, with the same pattern as their respective sires. Spirea is a blanket, and her pattern will change throughout her life. Opal is a leopard, and shows no sign of a changing pattern. Oberon, Opal's half-brother, is a solid silver bay like his sire.

Spirea's dam is Miranda, the mare I posted last week, and O & O are out of Jewelann. Both dams were sired by Mel (Malvolio). Jewelann is out a linebred Chianti/Paul Bunyan mare, and Spirea's sire is from the same farm and linebreeding, with multiple crosses to Paul Bunyan and Chianti.