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how not to do customer service

2 things the customer doesn't want to hear about the service call scheduled to occur between 8 and 12.
CSDesk at 12:15, "I'm not sure why the tech isn't there yet, we do show he was dispatched. I'm sorry you've had to wait the entire morning. Did you get a lot done at home this morning?"
Bless her heart, she was just tryin to be nice.
and for the record, I *had* accomplished quite a bit while waiting.
Tech at 1:15, "Well, they scheduled several calls in the one neighborhood down Woodson road (about 5 miles away) and your call all the way over here. Guess I should have come by here first, huh?"
yeah right
and yes, I do want my $20 credit for the late arrival

my laptop is back, CD-writer works again, and the new battery is being shipped.
all emails and email addresses, and non factory-installed software are all gone. First I have to find the software discs, (storage location, one of three counties)and the backup CDs of my pictures, then load them back up over the next few weeks.




I'm not an appaloosa breeder, I just play one on the internet