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Bella's best side

Belladunna Duns always seem to get photographed from this angle, but gotta say with Bella, if feed is involved, this will be all you will get. In the background is our indoor round bale feeder. this was taken in the pre-tractor years, when we stored the round bales in a barn halfway up the hill, and rolled them down to the main barn to feed. The last 20 foot was back uphill, to the higher flooring of the barn.


Fuzzy butt!!! FUZZYYYY BUUUUUUUUTTT!!!!! *squee!!!*
She's a wooly beauty. I like winter coats when they look all wooly and mammothy.
I've seen them so well insulated that body heat is held in and doesn't melt frost or snow on them. of course, there is a little insulation under her coat!