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8 part meme ...pt 1

haikujaguar picked me for a meme to tell 8 things about myself. presumably weird things. one of my problems is determining just exactly constitutes weird. also i don't seem to have the time or focus to set down that long of a post at one time. so i thought that i would do one item at a time.
1. i have to plan everything i do. this has several side effects. one is the real reason i am doing the meme this way. if i wrote everything i intended to this journal would be filled with entries rather than the currently meager offerings. it also means that i think in a very linear fashion. things must be done in the correct order. however for most people i believe that linear thinking implies a straighforward progression of thought involving right angles. my linear train of thought bears a greater resemblance to the path a creek would take in the ozark hills. it twists and turns back and forth ut always gets where it is going. it just may take a while.