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pt 2

like many of the folks i read on lj, i am a lucid dreamer. i have always been aware of my dreams and able to remember part of them. i will sometimes have the same setup played out in them, and if the dream takes a wrong turn i will be able to direct the action to make it come out right. i also have always known that some of my dreams are a way of working out problems or dealing with things that don't get handled in real life. for instance, my maternal grandparents passed away when i was 15. i didn't meet DH until i was in my 20s, yet i've repeatedly dreamed of visiting them with him. i know they would have enjoyed each other.
other times i have dreamt of problems and in the process found either solutions or the way to deal with an issue. frex, last night i combined in my dream the next two big projects that will need to be addressed at work. at least now i not only feel better about tackling these things at the same time, i also got some of the things i know i will inappropriately want to scream at people out of my system. that way i feel better and no one's feelings get hurt.

notes on formatting - lack of capitalization or extra punctuation will happen when i'm posting from the phone. i am developing a new appreciation for the challenges involved in typing on itty bitty buttons n the wrong places.